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Movistar desvincular alejandra

Movistar desvincular alejandra

Movistar desvincular alejandra

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after spending all afternoon and more to fix the ports issue from the gateway and from Alejandra, without result, today I contact by phone with a technician and he tells me that both are not operational because they are doing maintenance or updates. That is why I did not save the rules of the ports. The technician has opened the ports, I have made the test and I have verified that they are open. I connect the server and kad in emule. The server works fine (green arrow) but kad is not activated (red arrow). It’s just as it says here, eD2k is inactive. I have downloaded the tool you suggest but I don’t know how to proceed…it says “delete the old association, then press the eD2k Link button again..” What do you mean by delete the old association…I don’t know how to use that tool. Would you have to do it for all the links you want to move to the mule?

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Movistar and Banesco have joined forces to offer the operator’s customers a Banesco-Movistar credit card. With this card it will be possible to obtain discounts on basic income and accumulate points in the Movistar Club.

The idea of this card is not bad, but I think it should have more utilities, for example when purchasing equipment. Those who would like to apply for the Banesco-Movistar credit card must

It should be noted that the approval of the TDC is made by the bank and not by the operator, so it is up to Banesco to approve the application. We have nothing to do with the TDC, we only share the information.

  Movistar desvincular alejandra

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So what do you recommend, have they fixed the bug yet, do I factory reset my router, and then leave it in or out of Alejandra? Oh my goodness. If everything is misfortune with this router. The thing is that I read that, due to the security flaw it has, if I take it out of Alejandra, hackers could sneak in more easily and Movistar would not be responsible.

Thanks for your reply @banyosoto . I think I have to entertain myself this weekend in factory reset the router, take it out of Alejandra, configure it in bridge mode and hook an ASUS to manage my entire network.

I have read the article you indicate concerning SSL and, apart from that, I have also asked Movistar in the forum. Since Movistar is the one that made the mistake, they should be the ones to provide the solution.

The bad thing about all this is that nobody is free of problems. I just shared in the forum a link that has been published today referring to firmware failures in about 700,000 routers of various brands, including some of those used by Movistar and not only that, also known brands, although it would be nice to refine the exact models. I suppose that in a few days the list will appear on the Internet. I leave the link here too, in case you want to take a look:

  Desvincular router de portal alejandra

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Movistar: I was 4 days without internet and unable to work at home, doing the at my son’s house or else I would have lost my job.So I demand that the days without internet be deducted…. I await reply , thank you .

Moderately Resolved: While it is true they confirmed that indeed they had/have difficulties in the billing platform, issuance and shipments, they made us the rebate for the month of April where we did not get the collection of the Fiber Optic services, however they are still delaying now with the sending of NC to finally be able to finally the account for this month. In addition, they have problems on the web when trying to enter “Sucursal Virtual” to see the status of the company account, in conclusion: Everything is moderately solved, but I insist that the After Sales is lousy, callcenter is not responsive, delays, generally exceeded by the excess of new service contracts due to the pandemic, they have covered more than they can deliver. Greetings!

Movistar Reintegrates Service Late: Movistar reintegrates the service late, two weeks without Internet and also does not deduct what was promised in the month’s bill. Unfortunately, in this context, we had to pay because we work and study with the supply.

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