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Movistar alejandra vincular router

Movistar alejandra vincular router

Movistar alejandra vincular router

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There is not only one model of Movistar router, but there are several models. To identify them you have to look at the first 4 digits of the barcode. Turn the router over to see it.

If you have just made a portability to Movistar and you have just received a router at home, the best thing to do is to configure it. To do this, you will have to enter the Movistar router from the Alejandra portal and from there you will be able to do many different procedures related to the router connection.

If you feel that your Movistar router is not going fast enough for the speed you have contracted, perhaps there is an overload of the router server. The best thing to do is to reboot the Movistar router or reset it to get it working properly again.

Note that if you reset the router, it will return to factory settings. To do this, you do not need to contact the Technical Service. Simply follow the steps below:

With the new Movistar router, you will be able to enjoy maximum speed navigation and a very secure connection throughout your home. It is very easy to install, you only have to connect the power cable to the power socket and the router. What are the advantages of the Movistar Smart WiFi Router?

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1.2 As in this step we will simply update the Firmware of the equipment, it is not necessary to complete the wizard, so we will simply close it and access the main management page of our router. From here we click on Management and then on Update.

  Vincular router movistar portal alejandra

2.6 Now we must click on Advanced Parameters… to configure and assign the VLANs corresponding to the Ethernet ports of the router where we will connect the TV decoder (STB) and, if needed, the IP phone or the ATA.

2.8 Once the VLan IDs have been assigned, we will associate a physical port of the router to that specific VLan. Note: This configuration bridges between the different VLans of the router’s WAN interface and the LAN interface, associating a specific port of your router’s LAN network to a VLan of the WAN network. Consequently, that port will be isolated from the LAN network if you associate it with the VoIP or IPTV network.

2.9 Assign the networks according to the services you want, for example if you have connected the STB to port 1 of your router assign that port to the IPTV VLAN, if you connect an IP phone to port 2 then assign port 2 to the VoIP (Voice over IP) VLAN.

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If after the indications of @Andres (thanks for the contribution), you still can not access you can send us your data by private so we can check what happens, or even if you give us the information we can open the ports.

Same problem. Exactly the same I have, what the hell is going on that even the technicians here do not know how to solve it, do I open my own message to be told the same as here and do not know a solution?

I have verified that at this moment you have an open port to the IP:, has the incident been solved? Tell me if you need to open the rest of the ports that you provided me privately to that same IP.

  Vincular router de alejandra

Hi, DianaThank you. I have checked and yes, I have already changed the fixed IP ending in 200 and the first port is already open and working correctly.and if you can open the second port that I told you in tcp and the other in udp; if necessary I will send them again.any idea why it is impossible for me to open them by myself?  Thanks again.

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Many customers are unaware of the possibility of being able to configure their router in a “local” or bridge way through the access IP, 192.168.l.l or, 192.168.0.l or 192.168 l 203.1* assigned as gateways for all routers.

First of all we must take into account what technology we have in our home-ADSL or Fiber Optic (check which router model you have installed before continuing, it is important) and if we have contracted or not the TV service even if we do not use it.

The rest of the fiber router models are configured through the Alejandra page and if we need to access the advanced configuration of the router we will have to isolate or unlink the router from Alejandra, the models in this case are:

There is another option to access our router (more suitable perhaps for emergency cases) consists of disconnecting the cable that connects the router and the ONT and once this is done type in the browser the address As in the previous option, we put 1234 in user and 1234 in password. We now have access to the configuration interface. Once the changes have been made, we can reconnect the cable that connects the router and the ONT.

  Movistar alejandra desvincular router
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