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Vincular mi band 2 notify and fitness

Vincular mi band 2 notify and fitness

Vincular mi band 2 notify and fitness

Mi fit apk

One of Xiaomi’s most famous and best-selling gadgets has been its low-cost activity bracelet Mi Band, whose most recent model is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The success of this type of Xiaomi products lies not only in its incredible and affordable price that virtually every pocket can afford, but also in its compatibility with different apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that allow you to extract more functions from this bracelet.

The official Xiaomi application to manage the activity of the Mi Band is the Mi Fit app. This app allows us to control different parameters of our bracelet, such as keeping track of our daily, weekly and monthly physical activity, measuring our heart rate, keeping track of the calories we burn approximately, includes pedometer functions, etc.

However, this application often falls somewhat short and fails to exploit the full potential that we can get to this bracelet so economical and functional. For this reason, we leave you below a list of the most interesting applications to complement our Mi Band in its different versions.

My fit app

Let’s start the article by reviewing what Mi Fit is and what you can do with it. Then, we’ll move on to explain step by step the two most important processes, creating your first Mi Fit account and pairing your connected device.

Mi Fit is the official app for Xiaomi smart wristbands, watches, scales and smart shoes. These devices are the ranges of smart quantifying wristbands and scales, which allow you to record your daily exercise and heart rate on the one hand to check your weight and body composition with profiles for several people on the other.

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The mission of this application is to obtain all the data from these devices and show them to you in a simple and unified way. In addition to showing you this data in real time, the application also keeps a record of the data so you can keep track of how you are doing over the days or weeks.

The app also allows you to locate your wristband to know where you put it, keep track of the hours you sleep, or watch your heart rate non-stop through the wristband. You can also set it to alert you when you have been inactive for a long time, set the bracelet to vibrate with notifications from other applications or receive alerts when your heart rate is too high.

My fit web

I also tried it and there is no way I think it is the bracelet, the mobile detects it but when you give it to link and there is no way … I’ve tried everything already, Without order the m1s and my band works perfect …. Thanks anyway, cheers.

1named0128/09/16, 23:14:26I also tried it and there is no way I think it’s the bracelet, the mobile detects it but when you give it to link and there is no way… I’ve tried everything already, Without order the m1s and my band works perfect… Thanks anyway, best regards.

flaix.36528/09/16, 23:33:161named01 had already three months working with the mb2 but I unlinked it and when I went to link it again no longer let me…I tried with several terminals and not linked by bluetooth, but if they detect it… All tests are made without having any bracelet linked …. That’s why I tried with the m1s and this without problems, the problem I think is the mb2 (it lacks something to reset)…. Greetings

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Nothing seems to happen to all of us that does not let you link it a second time, I find it fatal that this happens, it gives me the feeling that I have thrown 35 Euros in the trash, too bad for Xiaomi, if this is not fixed I do not recommend this smartband at all.

Mi fit compatible devices

As we all know, the Mi Band 2 is from the Chinese brand Xiaomi. It is not the first smartband that this brand has brought to the market since let’s remember that before there were the Mi Band 1 and 1S. The Mi Band 2 is a worthy successor to the previous ones. With its OLED screen we can see the data collected by our bracelet without using the cell phone.

The bracelet works with both Android and iOS. We will have to enter the application market and download the Mi Fit app. This application, which is the official Xiaomi, will allow us to configure our bracelet to our liking.

Here we can see that the application allows you to link different Xiaomi products such as watches, scales or shoes. In our case, we will click on “Band”. Automatically, the mobile will start searching for our bracelet. NOTE: the Bluetooth of our device must be turned on and the bracelet must be nearby.

Once your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is configured, all that’s left is to put on your best clothes. There are plenty of straps and accessories for our smartband on the market. For example, we can put a metal strap on our Mi Band 2 to give it a more elegant style or for special occasions. If we prefer a touch of cheerfulness, we also have the option of silicone straps in different colors available.

  Vincular mi band 2 android
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